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FOR A LIMITED TIME  we're giving access to our business exclusive system so you can make money working just part-time in as little as 3 days as an affiliate by promoting our awesome products & services.

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Reasons You'll Love It

  • Benefit 1: Super Flexible Hours

    You can find deal any time of day or night

  • Benefit 2: Some Work from Home

    Much of the tasks can be on-the-go or work from home

  • Benefit 3: Bolt On to Your Current Job

    You can do in addition to (or instead of) your current job

  • Benefit 4: No Start Up Costs

    You can start with just everyday household items you already have

  • Benefit 5: No Experience Needed

    There is no previous experience needed so you can literally start today

  • Benefit 6: No need for a License

    No expensive licensing needed so you have low overhead

  • Benefit 7: Helping Others

    Your new skills can help your friends, family and community in many ways

  • Benefit 8: No Commitment

    Ultra-flexible so you’re not tied to a rigid schedule, monthly fees or long contract

  • Benefit 9: Nationwide Service

    We look for real estate and business partner across the country

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Use Our Proven Money System

After more than 2 decade we have cracked the code in providing results and profiting. Now we're giving you our business-in-a-box to partner with us. Here's just a sample of what's included in our FREE jump start package:

  • Use our proven map and marketing plan
  • Learn secrets to utilizing "partners" to make money
  • Our secret plug-and-play resources to help

See How the Pros Do Big Deals!

Learning to do just a few big deals a year could equal most people's yearly income. When you sign up as an affiliate you'll see how to be a property locator and business deal maker.

You'll also get "Getting Money Made Easy" Scott FladHammer's new book explaining how big deals are put together and how you can profit from them. If you're interested or curious how the top deal-makers and TV stars flip houses you'll love this!

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Just applying strategies from the fast start package can open up a whole new world in fun and financial well-being.  My advice is grab this right now!

Scott FladHammer Scott FladHammer

Strategic Fortunes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat are Cash Rewards?

    Cash Rewards are a monetary incentive for you to tell everyone you come in contact with about our products and services. Whenever we do business with someone you referred you get a Cash Reward.

  • q-iconHow do I know this is for real and not a gimmick or a scam?

    Because this is available at no cost to you, giving you nothing to lose and everything to gain. We use the program as a way to say thank you to for bringing us more clients and business.

  • q-iconWhen do I get my Cash Rewards?

    You will receive your Cash Rewards within one week upon someone you refer doing business with us.

  • q-iconHow can I be sure I am referring a good company?

    For peace of mind for both you and your referrals our certified Good House Keeping Seal Of Approval certifies our company services are always the best in the industry. And our sterling BBB record is ranked the best in our industry. Learn more about us when you sign up.

  • q-iconWho qualifies for a Cash Reward?

    Anyone 18 years of age or older who refers someone to us is eligible for the program.

  • q-iconWhat must I do to receive a cash reward?

    The Cash Rewards are issued to everyone who has sent a referral to us, via phone, fax or online, who does business with us because of your referral. To benefit from the program, simply follow the directions inside the affiliate dashboard after you sign up.

  • q-iconWhere does the money come from?

    The Cash Rewards Promotion is paid for by us. Annually a lot of money is spent on advertising and marketing. We have decided to ‘invest’ in our community by redirecting a portion of our marketing dollars into this program and giving the money directly to you. After 21 years we have found that you will be our best source of advertising.

  • q-iconHow do I know I will receive the cash award money?

    A long running promotion like this can only be successful and continue to perform if it is administered in a way that makes it entirely fair and impartial. We have taken every precaution and instilled strict guidelines to ensure the continued success of the promotion, to you and to those you refer.

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